Paparazzi Consultant Tenera Braxton #210713
Paparazzi Consultant Tenera Braxton #210713
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About Me

My name is Tenera Braxton and I joined Paparazzi Accessories August 13, 2018 and I’m the leader of a fabulous team of over 500 Amazing Team Members, The Blinging Pretty Elites💎. When this business was presented to me by my best friend... I wasn’t interested, he told me that he didn’t want to leave me out because this is an amazing opportunity and well I’m glad that I listened. In my first year I promoted to Producer and was able to walk the stage at our annual convention in 2019. Currently I am an Premier Producer which is one rank away from being in the top 1% of our company.

God’s plan was even bigger than what I thought❤️ 🙏🏽
Becoming a consultant has completely changed my life. God knew this was something that I needed in my life when I didn’t realize that I needed this. In May of 2020 I was fired from my full time job and I was completely ok with that because I’d been working my business and was actually making more money working my business part time than I did at my going full time job. I haven’t looked back yet! This business has so much potential to give me and I’m going to keep pushing until the end! #Paparazzi4Life

I love what I do! You can catch me LIVE on Facebook twice a week! Going live allows me to reach and teach more viewers, customers, and bless others with the opportunity. I would be so excited to have you join me.